Technogym Excite
Recline 700 Unity

Recline 700 Unity

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Pedal while comfortably seated and reap the benefits of a cardio workout without overloading your back and joints with Recline Excite, the recumbent bike created in the gym, you can enjoy this type of training in total comfort. The biomechanics are meticulously crafted to provide unparalleled comfort and performance in one compact size, the Recline Excite is one of the most ergonomic recumbent bikes you’ll find in commercial gyms.

The Recline Excite has two display options; an LED display and the new UNITY interface created by TechnoGym. UNITY is one of the most advanced Android-based touch platforms allowing intuitive control of the machines, countless entertainment options through internet, TV, games, and even apps from the Android Play store.

While working out with Recline Excite, your position is more open than with a vertical bike, your body rests on a backrest and this offers all the benefits of a full cardio workout without overloading your shoulders and back. If you’re looking to strengthen your heart, keep joints in motion through safe moderate workouts then the Recline Excite would make the perfect addition to your wellness space.


  • FastTrack Controls: Buttons located on grips for simple, intuitive control of the machine
  • Ergonomic seat and pedals
  • Entertainment Support System
  • Constant Pulse Rate device
  • Smooth and quiet
  • Wider pedals for better stability and support


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