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AMT precor

AMT Precor

€ 1.600,00

Prodotto usato rigenerato.Garanzia 12 mesi....

Bike verticale cibex 750C

Bike verticale Cibex 750C

€ 900,00

Quick Start, plus 9 programs with 21 levels including Heart Rate Control plus 2 Advanced Programs and 9 Customer Programs Comes self powered and RPM, heart rate, lower display of Time, incline and resistance...

Bike verticale Hybrid Serie 5 Matrix

Bike verticale Hybrid Serie 5 Matrix

€ 1.000,00

Prodotto usato rigenerato.Garanzia 1 anno....

Bike verticale Nautilus

Bike verticale Nautilus

€ 800,00

Bike verticale Nautilus usata revisionata...