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Iso lateral low row HS 1009

Iso lateral low row HS 1009

€ 800,00

Robust and strong machines supplied by ourselves for use by Bodybuilding Champions and fitness professional alike. The plate loading series adopts perfect ergonomic design and utilizes the best acr and angles engineered for...

Multi Jungle 4 Stack FM 1006

Multi Jungle 4 Stack FM 1006

€ 1.800,00

The FM is our high end series of gym equipment for professional gym usage. The series was developed over 3 years by fitness professionals based in the US. The FM benefits from double pulley system throughout the range and...

Adjustable bench

Panca adjustable bench fw 1013

€ 300,00

attrezzatura usata- rigenerata, con 1 anno di garanzia...

panca crunch

Panca crunch FW 1012

€ 350,00

Prodotto usato rigenerato. Garanzia 1 anno....