Wellness Point is the answer to the need of those sports facilities that require increasingly sophisticated fitness equipment both from a technical and aesthetic point of view.
The search for and maintenance of psychophysical well-being is the aim of anyone who carries out a training program. 



The goal of Wellness Point is to provide sportsmen with high level equipment, capable of high performance, innovative and exclusive design.
Wellness Point selects and markets only quality products, exclusively distributing the most important and internationally appreciated brands.  


The experience and professionalism acquired and developed over the years, combined with the advice of specialized technical staff, allow the company to better interpret the needs of each customer, while ensuring compliance with the technical regulations issued by the individual federations. 

Wellness Point Company

Why Choose Us?

Because from us you can buy new and used equipment, regenerated as new, produced by brands of primary importance with a reduction of about 60% compared to the new list price. We offer warranty on remanufactured products and rapid assistance with our specialized technicians. The versatility of the company also allows the possibility to buy new or used regenerated products, conveniently exchanging obsolete machinery.

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