Wellness Point & METbodyzone

(Metabolic Electric Training)

The training system METbodyzone (Metabolic Electric Training) combines the advantages of electromyostimulation for cardiovascular training and muscle, making it ideal for any club - there are already more than 90 in Italy to have done so - which intends to differentiate itself by making use of a Supplementary support to traditional training courses. The insertion of an EMS metabolic area in the club allows to propose innovative service which increases the average expenditure of the members and at the same time ensures that the customers results in shorter times, therefore ideal to conquer both the both professional athletes and sedentary, to whom to propose protocols on tailored to their needs.

METbodyzone is entirely designed and manufactured in Italy by Eurofit Company and can be used by personal trainers, instructors and athletic trainers to combine EMS with cardiovascular work, to hetero tonic programs, functional circuits, exercises at load as well as the technical gesture of the various sports. Technicians can express their professionalism using this accelerator of results that respect the physiology of the training, stimulating the maximum two muscle districts at the same time, always dividing the agonist muscles from the antagonists to maximize the intensity of EMS. Dynamic EMS technology is free to wear, allows you to adopt an innovative training method that ensures faster localized results.

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METbodyzone training system