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This site uses cookies to render their services mhours simple and efficient for the users that will vision the page of The users that will vision this site, will see only a minimum quantity of information of the devices in use; whether they are computers or mobile devices, in small text files which are "cookie" saved in the directory used by the browser web of the user. There are several types of cookies, some render the usage of the site mhours simple; others to enable specific functions.
Analyzing in a detailed manner, our cookies permit us to:

  • Sthours the preferences we include
  • Avoid to reinsert the same information repeatedly during our visits for example username and password
  • To analyze the use of services and content furnished by to optimize the experience towards surfing and services offered

  • The cookie technology used by

    Various types of cookies used by will be explained according to the purposes of use

    Technical cookies

    This type of cookie permits certain site sections to function correctly. There are 2 categories the persistent and the session:

  • The persistent: once you close the browser, they don't get cancelled until the preset deadline
  • The session: they are canceled every time you close your browser

    These cookies, sent by our domain, are necessary to visualize the site in a correct way and related to the technical services offered, there for they will always be used and sent, unless the user changes the setting on his browser (invalidating the visualization of the page).

    Analytic cookie and profiling cookie

    The cookies in this category are used to collect information on the usage of the site and to create a user's profile so that publicity posts, could be sent according to the preferences manifested by the user from his site page. will use this information according to the anemones statistic analyzed so that the usage of the site could be improved and to render content mhours interesting and relevant to the users desires.

    This type of cookie collects anonymous data on the user's activity and on how he reached the site. The analytic cookies are sent by the site itself or by a 3 parts domain.

    Service analises cookies of the third parts

    These cookies are used to collect information on the use of the site from the users in an anonymous form which are; pages visited, time spent, provenance of the source of traffic, geographical provenance, age gender and interests for marketing campaigns. Mhoursover they integrate functions developed by third parts inside the site pages like icons and the preferences expressed in the social network to the end sharing of the content of the site or for the usage of the software services of the third parts. (like the software that generates maps and other software that offer additional services).

    For all the other types of cookie the user can express the consent with one or mhours modes:

  • Accepting the brief disclosure statement on the site
  • Closing the brief disclosure statement without expressing a choice
  • Continuing to surf without interacting with the brief disclosure statement
  • Through specific configuration of the browser or it's related computer programs used to surf the pages of the site
  • Through the modification of the settings in use for the services of the third parts

  • This solution could prevent the user to use or to visualize correctly parts of the site.

    List of Cookie used by

    send by

    TYPOLOGY: Technical
    USE: Essential for site operation
    DURATION: session

    NAME: CookieConsentwellnesspoint
    TYPOLOGY: Technical
    USE: Essential for site operation
    DURATION: 1 year

    COOKIE INVIATED BY google. com

    TYPOLOGY: Analyses and profiling
    USE: Used to promote research and advertising
    DURATION: 6 months

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  • AddThis services

  • Adobe Flash cookies

    Even Adobe Flash Player could memorize information on your device. These cookies can not be controlled through a browser. Some browser manufacturers are developing solutions that permit the browser to control the cookies directly but at that moment the Flash Player cookies could be blocked or limited only from the Adobe Website.

    The site could contain connections with other websites that have their own disclosure on privacy that could be different from the one adopted from that doesn't respond for these sites.


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